Amanda Kay Crystal, vocals


Amanda (or "ak" as I like to call her) joined the band in 2014, adding a whole new dimension to the brbrck & the ill harmonic experience.

as talented a songwriter as she is a singer, ak had a major hand in shaping "backstage," appearing on 5 of its 10 songs. 

Dream Machine

Oh shit, it’s 2 AM again
Drunk and my hand is tremblin’
Sunk, and now my mental palace in Mariana’s Trench again...


AK and I are artists with day jobs. Both of us came to New York City as bright-eyed kids looking to make a big impact (and comfortable living) through our art. "The Great Depression" is about coming to grips with the fact that the childhood dreams of "being discovered" and "making it" are probably never going to happen, and deciding what to do about it. If not now, then when?  

The song actually began as an entirely different song I was playing for AK to see if she dug it. She suggested adding a drum part here, a harp line there, and pretty soon all of the original tracks were muted and a brand new song had appeared in the old one's place.