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you may not know that there's a secret member of the ill harmonic, a dude i've been writing rhymes with for more than 10 years. jared mcneill (aka mck) is my brother, and the co-founding member of our rap group, otherfuckingworldly.

Mck has traveled the world many times over as an actor, but every time he returns to nyc, we find time (even if that time is 3 am) to get together and create some magic. he's on 7 of the 10 songs on backstage, and makes his presence felt every. single. time.


The idea for "BrunchDrunk, New Brooklyn" came to Jared and me over (what else) brunch in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where I currently reside. Since I moved here six years ago, the neighborhood has seen a renaissance of sorts, with new businesses, restaurants, and bars popping up seemingly overnight. However, that was only one side of the story...gentrification isn't all organic cafes and artist collectives. For every business that opened, two apartment buildings were torn down. The song explores our (young artists') role as the "unwitting army of the super-duper fly," and shines a light on some of the hypocrisy of "cleaning up the neighborhood." 


"Boom Bap" is my ode to 90s hip hop in New York City and its rappers, the Notorious B.I.G. in particular. It features all three members of the aforementioned "Otherfuckingwordly" crew: my protege, John the McBANG, added the hook, and Jared's lyrical acrobatics on his verse took it to another level. This is BACKSTAGE's party track. Put the top down and the volume up.