ryan was the guy to help take this album across the finish line.

even though he arrived *relatively* late in the game, ryan had a huge role in shaping the album, from breathing life into its intro, "front on me not," to giving some much-needed edge to songs like "champagne hangover," "ricochet," and "waiting for the sun."


front on me not

Even though it's the first song on the album, "Front On Me Not" was actually the last song written for BACKSTAGE. As a result, it's ironically about looking back at the entire journey of writing and producing the album, a process that saved my music career (as it says in the song, "when you ain't progressing shit, regret sets in.") The track was all bass and drums when Ryan stepped in and added the riff that tied the whole thing together. 


Before Ryan got his hands on it, "Waiting for the Sun" was pretty purely a techno-rap song. His guitar added a new dimension to the song, giving it a roughness that added to the tone I was going for. The song's about an ill-fated night out at the clubs with the seediest individuals New York has to offer, and Ryan's shredding gave it the appropriate bite. Throw a couple back and enjoy.