Welcome to the fireworks factory. If “Boom Bap” is my favorite song on this album, “Ricochet” might be the one I’m most proud of. Lyrically, the song is lighthearted introspection and wordplay. With all of the heavier subjects covered on BACKSTAGE, it was nice to just have fun with this one. 

Dream machine

"When the moon is high in the sky I fly to another level." The song’s lyrics document my penchant for late-night creative sessions, many of which are accompanied by a drink or a joint. I’m a lifelong night owl, and while I’ve had more than one zombie-fied workday as a result, I’m always left with a few “golden nuggets” - moments of true clarity amidst an ocean of nonsense.

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The resounding sound that you hear all around us
Are the people that we found that found us
— Ricochet

We made it, you guys! Thank you so much for hanging out with me and listening to BACKSTAGE, I hope you enjoyed a look "behind the scenes" of my biggest release to date.

So...where do we go from here? 

Well, for starters, I look back at all the time I spent doubting myself and wondering if I was making the right moves. I wish there had been somewhere I could've shared my experience with as it was happening, with people going through the same thing. So I'm starting a Facebook Group called B-Rock Nation to serve as a place for artists, entrepreneurs and dream-chasers of all kinds to share ideas, seek inspiration and encouragement, and find power in community. Each one teach one, and all. 

BONUS:ricochet official music video

Thanks again y'all.