Lazy Weekend Guide: November 15-16

Happy Friday y'all. 

Especially happy Friday to those of y'all without any obligations or major responsibilities this weekend. For you lucky souls, I'm providing a weekly guide to make your 48 hour rot-on-the-couch-fest as enjoyable as possible. So stock up on booze and munchies on the commute home, and get ready to a whole lot of glorious NOTHING.

Netflix Series You Can Probably Binge In Its Entirety This Weekend: 

Better Off Ted - Although it only survived for two seasons, Better Off Ted is (in this blogger's humble opinion) one of the best sitcoms in the past 10 years. First, it's based in main offices of the soulless (fictional) conglomerate, Veridian Dynamics. The company is essentially SkyNet with a great PR department. The corporate commercials interspersed through the series are enough of a reason to watch on their own.

Second, the cast is absolutely stellar. The show's lead, Jay Harrington, should be TV royalty by now (thankfully he's finally back on our screens in USA Network's Benched). Portia de Rossi plays the protagonist's alpha-female boss, in a performance that (don't hate me) is even better than her turn on Arrested Development. Great writing, great actors, great great great. 

Too Non-Committal For a Whole Series? Here's a Movie:

Troll Hunter - This movie (available on Netflix Instant) is your typical found-footage horror/comedy about three teenagers who meet a man that hunts trolls for the Norwegian government. Y'know, standard fare. But in all seriousness, Troll Hunter is a delightfully batshit and stunningly beautiful film.

Not Feeling That Lazy? Got You Covered!

If you're in or around New York, may I suggest checking out the sublimely talented Julia Weldon, who plays this Saturday, November 15th at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory (buy tickets here). Julia puts on a hell of a show (she goes on at 8 PM!), tix are only $10, and I'll be there! Come say hi!

That's it for this week. I want to thank everyone who checked out the blog in its first week. We have a lot of fun stuff coming up, so I hope you'll stop by every now and again and say "hey."

BRBRCK is a rapper and producer (and blogger, obviously) based in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his musical stylings here.