Hot damn. Three posts into the new blog and we already have ourselves a WORLD EFFING PREMIER, Y'ALL. The one and only Ahmen, who you may remember from the bone-shattering BRBRCK track KAIJU has released a BANGER of a music vid for his track "Troublemaker."

SO, Imma need you to do three things:

1.) Crank up the volume, get your full-screen mode on, and BUMP THIS IMMEDIATELY.

2.) Go listen to the rest of Ahmen's album, "Hero Ball," right chyeah.

3.) Are you a #Troublemaker? Would you like to WIN A FREE EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION "I AM A #TROUBLEMAKER" T-SHIRT THAT EMMER EFFING PROVES you're a troublemaker? Share the music video on Facebook or Twitter and tell us why YOU are a troublemaker. From the homeboy Ahmen: "Have you started a business? Created genre-defying art? Found a new way to make a difference at your company? Challenged the old rules that governed our relationships and dialogue? That's the trouble we need, and these are the stories which must be shared with the world. No trouble is too big or small - it starts with a desire to change the status quo."

Now...go cause some trouble.

BRBRCK is a rapper and producer (and blogger, obviously) based in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his musical stylings here.